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Things will turn around in the opposite direction when they reach the highest point.

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Pride may forbid a person going back to his home town after failure. Do not dwell on past actions, progress forward. A small hole not mended in time will soon become a larger hole more difficult to mend. When taking risks you have to live with the consequences, it is difficult to back out. Chongsheng Temple, Dali, Yunnan.


Hard times & little hope - Pakistan -

Our proverbs come with lots of information. The modern Chinese characters are followed by the proverb in pinyin. Next, there is a crude character by character transliteration into English, followed by a more accurate English translation. If this is a Chinese proverb alluding to history the meaning may still not be clear in English, so the general meaning follows. Finally some proverbs have fairly direct English equivalents, if so the English proverb is included at the end.

Our translations are in need of improvement, so please let us know your suggestions. Please wait Instead of acquiring MBA these poor young people will earn their living through these skills. What salary does a fresh MBA gets now? More mouths to feed would put a strain on resources. And that is what he is managing let alone their education and quality of life. If he had one or maximum two children ha and his family including his children would have been in a happier position. Point to ponder! How did you not mention it? JusticE, "If a school teacher who taught one year in the school couldn't increase the knowledge of a student then the student's parent must be allowed to rate that teacher.

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They take only children of parents whose rating doesn't count. Those parents whose rating counts, send their children to private schools, where only fees paid by the parents counts. Infanticide is not acceptable from a religious standpoint. I thus request the elitist commenters passing rude comments about this man having 4 children to take your impoliteness elsewhere.

You are all blaming a family man for following his heart. It is not about a person who cannot afford to have 4 children. It is about a person with 4 children who works and pays his dues, but the situation is deteriorating for him because people employed to run hospitals and schools are not doing their jobs. These services were snatched from him and provided to those who don't work. AbdulGhaffar , "Bigger problem is unfettered population growth.

Motofoure, "If only he had done family planning and stopped at 2 kids. They are the ones costing the most to the state. How about that? There is a bigger question to ask..

A Family of Servant Missionaries Learning to be and make Disciples

Everyone needs a dream. The reality is that more new businesses fail than succeed. Probably 1 in 5 remain open more than two years. That is why banks will not lend to small businesses which have not established themselves. A motorcycle repair shop has a better chance of success than a beauty shop. Usman Patriot, Men and women in China who had only one child or no children feel very patriotic about their personal sacrifices to help China grow economically. I know that because I lived in China and have Chinese friends. I would like to know your definition of patriotism.

Incompetent is IK. IK is able to only handle and manage a 15 players cricket team. Pakistan is not a cricket team of 15 players its a country of M peoples. Simply if one is honest does not mean he will be a good administrator, good leader, good financial expert, good problem solving person, have ability to manage all stakes of a country. If his father received good health care from the state and children education his plight may have been much better.

Usually inflation hit middle-income families harder.

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They cannot escape to be poor to get state-support nor have leverage of upper-class. Everybody in the government machinery talks about a citizen's responsibility but when government will take up its responsibility. But now that the 4 children exist, what should the state do? Carry out theoretical debates or take practical steps to help out the public? Few take home messages. Bottom line is, individuals have to educate themselves for their own survival. It is similar story for people in India also. Health care and education expenses have ballooned.

A day stay in a hospital is enough to slide from middle class to poverty. The family is struggling, not poor.

Trailer for Stories of Hope in Hard Times

All advanced societies provide that. Your comment is offensive. Please try to have some empathy! The poor who need the money the most are the very ones who don't have any.

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BAXAR, "It is not about a person who cannot afford to have 4 children" His elder two kids could not complete even high school education because of the necessity of earning and supporting the father who did not earn enough to support the family of 6. The state has policies for the poor - which this family is not. It is not like Pakistan has unlimited money. So subsidies for middle class should be prioritized to reward those families who have been more responsible in their choices. Mr Bari does not present the real flaw in our social system.

Why do you have four kids in the first place And why do we even married if we cannot afford it Marriage is a privilege not a social obligation should do that or can afford it. Daskalos, good point, but atleast now Government should educate people about exploding population. Here, it is just one epitome. There are a lot of families who are even in worsen ambiance than javed, but who cares?? Pramod Thomas John, A day stay in a hospital is enough to slide from middle class to poverty. A punch line which is very much true and hurting.

Faisal Bari draw a remarkable picture of Javed and his family. Rising Inflation cause so many issues in a mans life. It is really difficult but I say impossible for poors to live. Mr Bari article is voice of masses. Govt can take steps to solve these issues as soon as possible. There are millions of Javeds in Pakistan, most of them will perish like tens of millions of Javeds perished before them.

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They believe in their country, sadly the country and its rulers did nothing except periodic lip service of fabricated lies. He was comfortably sitting on the drum. It is someone else who first asked him to sit on the drum when he didn't know that later he will be asked to sit on the seat of thorns although he is feeling a lot pain but is doing his best also quiet possibly he wants to run away from all this mess.

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On DawnNews. Comments 72 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Zuhaib Ahmed. Jun 28, am. Very nice sir, Can you guide me to write English composition. Recommend 0. Mobeen Hassan. Ziarat khan. Have one child if you can not make ends meet. We hope things turn round for the better soon. Sarah Nicole. ABC News. Happier with Gretchen Rubin. Richard Ostler. Scot Facer Proctor. All In. LDS Living. This is the Gospel Podcast. Leading Saints Podcast.