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  2. What does the word ‘Leviticus’ mean?
  3. Book of Leviticus Introduction: A Guide for Holy Living
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Rituals, sacrifices, impurities, what does it all mean?


What is Leviticus trying to say? And how does it affect me today? To understand these questions, we must step back from the individual topics and the book itself to find its place amongst the other biblical texts. Understanding the purpose of Leviticus aids us in interpreting the individual events within the book. At the end of Exodus we see Moses having just built the tabernacle, speaking to God from outside the tent Leviticus Moses was not allowed into the presence of God and it is upon this basis that Leviticus is built, framing Leviticus as God's plan to graciously provide a way for his people to come into his presence.

What does the word ‘Leviticus’ mean?

How are you going eating your Brussels Sprouts? So keep going, you will be so proud of yourself when you finish. Holiness is not a word that is taught about much today but I wanted to show you how important this is to understand the book of Leviticus.

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