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  1. 2.4: The ABO system
  2. Genes and Blood Type
  3. Human blood group systems

However, there is still a risk involved. A serum containing anti-A antibodies is mixed with some of the blood. Another serum with anti-B antibodies is mixed with the remaining sample. Whether or not agglutination occurs in either sample indicates the ABO type. It is a simple process of elimination of the possibilities.

For instance, if an individual's blood sample is agglutinated by the anti-A antibody, but not the anti-B antibody, it means that the A antigen is present but not the B antigen. Therefore, the blood type is A. Blood type is inherited, just like eye color. It does this through natural selection. Specific ABO blood types are thought to be linked with increased or decreased susceptibility to particular diseases.

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RH factor in blood types stands for "Rhesus Factor". What is the Rarest Blood Type? Some people with rare blood types bank their own blood in advance of surgical procedures to ensure that blood is available to them. A blood type is considered rare if fewer than 1 in 1, people have them. One of the rarest blood types in the world is Rh-null, which lack any antigens in the Rh system.

There are only 9 active donors in the community of rare blood donors that have Rh-null blood. Rh-null is considered a universal blood for anyone with a rare blood type within the Rh system. However, anyone who has Rh-null blood can only receive Rh-null blood in a transfusion.

2.4: The ABO system

See our list for other amazing facts about human blood and the heart. The Diet is Based on: Type A - Flourishes on vegetarian diets, "the inheritance of their more settled and less warlike farmer ancestors," says D'Adamo. The type A diet contains soy proteins, grains, and organic vegetables and encourages gentle exercise.

Type B - The nomadic blood type B has a tolerant digestive system and can enjoy low-fat dairy, meat, and produce but, among other things, should avoid wheat, corn, and lentils, D'Adamo says. If you're type B, it's recommended you exercise moderately.

Genes and Blood Type

Type O - Your digestive tract retains the memory of ancient times, says D'Adamo, so your metabolism will benefit from lean meats, poultry, and fish. You're advised to restrict grains, breads, and legumes, and to enjoy vigorous exercise. Type AB - Has a sensitive digestive tract and should avoid chicken, beef, and pork but enjoy seafood, tofu, dairy, and most produce.

The fitness regimen for ABs is calming exercises. Blood Type and Your Personality: Legend has it that blood type tells about personality. In Japan, it's widely believed that blood groups predict personality traits - from temperament to compatibility, to what kind of lover you are to what type of foods you should be eating. Printable chart showing possible blood type of a child according to their parents blood group. Similar Documents Keno and Lottery Number Combinations Permutation Calculator - Create different combinations or permutations with this free online lotto and Keno numbers calculator.

The combination of your two alleles determines your blood type. The table on the left shows all of the possible combinations of blood type alleles. The blood type for each allele combination is shown on the right.

For example, if you inherit a B allele from your father and an A allele from your mother, your blood type will be AB. Blood plasma is packed with proteins called antibodies. The body produces a wide variety of antibodies that will recognize and attack foreign molecules that may enter from the outside world. A person's plasma does not contain any antibodies that will bind to molecules that are part of his or her own body.

Human blood group systems

When conducting a blood transfusion, it is important to carefully match the donor and recipient blood types. If the donor blood cells have surface molecules that are different from those of the recipient, antibodies in the recipient's blood recognize the donor blood as foreign. This triggers an immune response resulting in blood clotting. If the donor blood cells have surface molecules that are the same as those of the recipient, the recipient's body will not see them as foreign and will not mount an immune response. There are two special blood types when it comes to blood transfusions.

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People with type O blood are universal donors because there are no molecules on the surface of the red blood cells that can trigger an immune response. People with type AB blood are universal recipients because they do not have any antibodies that will recognize type A or B surface molecules. Note: Blood cells are covered with a variety of surface molecules. For simplicity, only type A and B surface molecules are shown here. Genes and Blood Type. Blood Types.