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While Tolkien was inspired by mythology , A Song of Ice and Fire is more clearly influenced by medieval and early modern history, most notably Jacobitism and the Wars of the Roses. As a result, illegitimate children play prominent roles throughout the series. This has led to the series being cited as the forerunners of a 'gritty' new wave of epic fantasy authors that followed, including Scott Lynch [12] and Joe Abercrombie.

Martin has cited the cover blurb by Robert Jordan for the first book to have been influential in ensuring the series' early success with fantasy readers.

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Additionally there are also three prequel novellas, set in the same world, roughly 90 years before the main events, commonly known as the " Tales of Dunk and Egg " after their main protagonists:. The Hedge Knight is also available as a graphic novel from Dabel Brothers Productions ; an adaptation of The Sworn Sword is forthcoming from the same company. The author has said that he would like to write a number of these stories varying from six to twelve from interview to interview covering the entire lives of these two characters. Further, a collection containing the first three published Dunk and Egg novellas called A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms was published in Additionally there are also three novellas based on chapter sets from the books, previously in collected form in other outlets.

Furthermore, Martin released a "history compendium", a companion book to the main series, and has announced a second and third. George R. Martin was already a successful fantasy and sci-fi author and TV writer before writing his A Song of Ice and Fire book series. Growing frustrated that none of his pilots and screenplays were getting made, [17] he was also getting tired of TV-related production limitations like budgets and episode lengths that often forced him to cut characters and trim battle scenes.

Tolkien in his childhood, he wanted to write an epic fantasy but did not have any specific ideas. When Martin was between Hollywood projects in the summer of , he started writing a new science fiction novel called Avalon. After three chapters, he had a vivid idea of a boy seeing a man's beheading and finding direwolves in the snow, which would eventually become the first non-prologue chapter of A Game of Thrones.

Martin resumed work on A Game of Thrones in , selling the novel as part of a trilogy to his agent, [18] with the novels A Dance with Dragons and The Winds of Winter following. The finished manuscript for A Game of Thrones was pages long without the appendices , [25] with the publication following in August The second book called A Clash of Kings was released in February in the United States, [29] with a manuscript length without appendices of pages.

Martin was several months late turning in the third book, A Storm of Swords. Bantam Books published A Storm of Swords in a single volume in the United States in November , [32] whereas some other-language editions were divided into two, three, or even four volumes. Since the events in Dorne and the Iron Islands were to have an impact on the book, Martin eventually expanded the kingsmoot events to be told from three new viewpoints since the existing POV characters were not present in Dorne and the Iron Islands.

In , Martin was still optimistic that the fourth installment might be released in the last quarter of On one hand, Martin was unsatisfied with covering the events during the gap solely through flashbacks and internal retrospection. On the other hand, it was implausible to have nothing happening for five years. Printing the book in "microtype on onion skin paper and giving each reader a magnifying glass" was also not an option for him. Since the characters were spread out across the world, [22] a friend of Martin suggested to divide the story geographically into two volumes, of which A Feast for Crows would be the first.

Meanwhile, HBO acquired the rights to turn Ice and Fire into a dramatic series in [47] and aired the first of ten episodes covering A Game of Thrones in April With around pages in manuscript length, [49] A Dance with Dragons was eventually published in July after six years of writing, [18] longer in page count and writing time than any of the preceding four novels.

The sixth book is going to be called The Winds of Winter , [50] taking the title of the originally planned fifth book. He also intended to work on a new Tales of Dunk and Egg novella that was to appear in an anthology called Dangerous Women , but in January it was announced that that story was delayed and instead it had been replaced with "The Princess and the Queen", a recounting of the events leading up to and through the Dance of the Dragons.

Martin hopes to finish The Winds of Winter much faster than the fifth book. Displeased with the provisional title A Time For Wolves for the final volume, Martin ultimately announced A Dream of Spring as the title for the seventh book in On the other hand, Martin noted the challenge to avoid a situation like the finale of Lost , which left fans disappointed by deviating from their own theories and desires.

Martin does not rule out additional stories set in Westeros after the last book, although he is unlikely to continue in that vein immediately. But instead of a direct continuation of A Song of Ice and Fire , he would write stories about characters from other periods of history. He would love to return to writing short stories, novellas, novelettes and stand-alone novels from diverse genres such as science fiction, horror, fantasy, or even a murder mystery. The series has been placed as the number 1 rated series at the Internet Book List since a revision of the rating system in October The series is the basis of a great number of derived works, including the HBO TV series Game of Thrones, a card game, a board game, a role-playing game and two video games under development.

It has also inspired several musicians, and an upcoming parody of A Game of Thrones. Unlike J. Tolkien, who provided detailed instructions for the pronunciation of the languages of Middle-earth , Martin has provided no canonical way of pronouncing Westerosi names, stating "You can pronounce it however you like.

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Jump to: navigation , search. Main article: Derived works. Main article: Pronunciation guide. Works by George R. Martin in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire. The Lands of Ice and Fire Derived works from the world of A Song of Ice and Fire. Retrieved Well all except one. His name is Nayr, an elf who had lost his sight in a magical accident. He adopted masks to hide his scars, and he eventually began a collection of masks.

While his masks made him easily recognizable, his personality made him memorable. As a bard many witnessed his charisma and musical skill at the tavern, to them he was a humble and charming bard, but to us he was something else. Behind closed doors he was cocky to the point of arrogance. Anything about Nayr, is something for Nayr to boast about. You focused on his skills as a musician. Having been lucky enough to have your mother take you to an Isaria Evenveil concert, you knew Nayr was about as good as the floor Isaria stood on.

You told him as such after one of his particularly boastful sessions. You spent many a night outside the tavern window listening to his songs, and if he had free time he would teach you to play the lute. While learning an instrument was rewarding, you found yourself drawn to painting. Unfortunately it was a rather costly trade when it came to the materials.

Instead you asked for a job at the herbery. An alchemical store to city officials but a place to reach the clouds to those with the right connections. Your investigation into the fire through legal channels always produced the same answers, that it was an accident. A fire started from the hearth then spread to the rest of the house. You distinctly remember your parents telling you to put out the fire because you were the last one going to bed.

You are convinced that you put out the fire, and that something was afoot. You still refused to believe that your negligence caused the fire. So you continued to pursue every lead you could, every lead delivering the same answer. Your mad search for answers plagued your days, and it eventually infected your dreams. A couple months after your brother left the nightmares begin. Always the same dream, burning and screaming, every night.

One night the glass dome broke. Flames dance around you as the falling shards begin to replay the night you lost everything. You feel yourself being pulled back to that night, and the panic sets in. Before you can scream the smoke lodges itself in your throat, prostrating you before the encroaching flames. You close your eyes only to have the same scene appear in your mind. As the smoke begins to clear you begin to see…. Nayr: A familiar voice rings from the tavern entrance. Well that was unexpected. As my chair flies out from underneath me, I find myself on the floor, the smell of dried and spilt ale filling my nose.

My behind unfortunately made a rather painful introduction to the splintery floor. You hear the patrons around you roar with laughter as you feel her footsteps reverberating through the wood as she stops in front of you. A scent drifts to your nose. Hm a new perfume? What is that? Lilac and gooseberries?

An odd combination to be sure. Oh geez am I in trouble. As soon as I get to my feet she grabs my hand and drags me out the door. Always gotta put on a show. If I knew any better,you just wanted to hold my hand again. My oh my how I miss our banter.

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Although the which is soon replaced with an irritation I am all to familiar with. New perfume and wanting my company? Did any of that make sense in your head? To your surprise he has removed his domino mask, revealing his once brown eyes now a dimmer version of their former selves. His empty gaze accompanied with the dark tendrils, forces you to look away. I turn back to see the domino mask upon his face, his hand outreached. I grab his hand as we hurry to the house. As we reach the slums of Blackstone I lead Nayr down the narrow alleyways. As we approached the house the temperature continues to drop, and I begin shivering.

As we approach Nayr pulls me back. But before he can say anything orange orbs sets the night sky alight. They circles around Blackstone cutting through the dark clouds, I watch in awe as they appear to dance through the sky. You can see the people start to notice this light show, and the oos and aws of children fill the night air. One orb in particular beelined towards us.

As I dive on top of Nayr, the orb flies overhead, but the orb continues to glow like the sun forcing me to look away. As I turn from Nayr I notice the cold is gone, replaced by a heat. They spread unnaturally fast, as I run towards the house I yell at Nayr to stay put. As I reach the door I find myself soaring in the opposite direction as my world goes black. You: As your eyes begin to focus you see the trademark domino mask and a ghost of a smile. You know, we always save…even our worst stuff has little nuggets in it…so later on, when I was doing the Dead Six series with Mike Kupari, I stole pretty much every line of dialogue, every cool character, everything that was neat or good from that first book I stole and later on, it wound up in other books.

But, you know, it was good practice. Check this out. You were talking about writing nonfiction. I was a journalist myself, so I wrote, you know, thousands and thousands and thousands of words of nonfiction. Well, I mean, maybe not Twitter. No, it was not. But originally, it was self-published, because what happened is, I wrote this book, and best way to describe is, think, you know, X Files meets The Expendables , okay? And so, there are a bunch of gun nuts, and military contractors, and combat vets, and all those people, and they dealt with all these monster problems like my people would.

So, I did this, and I tried to sell it in the traditional manner. Back in those days..

Any opinions?

But I had an audience already from some of my other work, and I was a moderator on a couple of big Internet gun forums. It was nothing like it is today, very different. And this is where it really is cool. I had to discontinue the self-published version. And nothing makes somebody want something more than not being able to have it. So, for a year and a half everybody wanted to get their hands on this book, and no one could. So then when the actual Baen version came out, it was just mass-market paperback, that was before I was in hardcover, our little print run sold out in like the first twenty-four hours, it just exploded.

And so she did another print run, and it went nuts and it was just instantaneously sold out. And so she did a third print run, and it went nuts, too. Well, I have to say…I had run across mentions of Monster Hunter international …I think I was actually in the hospital for some reason and I needed stuff to read, and I may have gotten it through…was it in the Baen Free Library? That may have been where I got the first book. Yeah, once we, I think, three or four books in the series, they added the first one to the Free Library.

Good job, Baen. The rest of the books cost you. Well, and technology changes so rapidly now. I did want to ask—and the reason is that my first book with DAW had been rejected by them and then through a roundabout way got accepted by them as a paperback—had Baen—you said you had a hundred rejections. Had Baen rejected it once before it came back to them?

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This is kind of funny. So back in those days you would just mail the manuscript to Baen, and they would have, like, a big pile in their office of typed manuscripts, and they would go through and read them, they would have their slush readers. So, I did actually mail one, I did submit one to the slush pile. However, it disappeared or never arrived, because what happened was years later they were going through their own slush pile trying to find the original Monster Hunter I mailed them, just so they could just have it. It got lost at the post office? So that was just, that was a weird one right there, but, no, I got rejected a lot.

Just keep going. I want to say Laurell K. Hamilton got rejected, like, two hundred and fifty times, and that was for her Anita Blake stuff, which has gone on to sell, like, 30 million copies. But back then, that was before paranormal romance was really a thing. And now she is super, super successful. You never know. But the possibility is always there. So it was like a series, you know, but not quite what I was interested in.

I mean, we all come at this from different ways. What is the secret? No problem. Okay, so Son of the Black Sword is an epic fantasy. Instead, they have an all-encompassing Law, and everybody in this society has a place. Think of this guy as kind of a roving, magical Judge Dredd, okay? This guy is the ultimate law enforcer in a land where the law is basically God.

But the story is about him and what happens to him, because it turns out he is not who he thinks he is. It came out super good. I love it. This is a world where the seas, where the oceans, are basically hell. And so the culture is developed up around that. The ocean is bad news in this setting.

The first one is Son of the Black Sword , which came out a couple of years ago and did really well. The sequel is called House of Assassins, and that actually comes out right now. So, yeah, the series is a lot of fun. We have…our ideas of fun are a little different. Yeah, exactly. You know, this is really interesting, because this is the funny thing about how how ideas works. Back then it was held on the BYU college campus.

And so, I started to answer the question, and this college student cuts me off. I want to hear from the epic-fantasy writers. So, my first attempt epic fantasy turned into s alternate-history superheroes. It really has a science-fiction undercurrent. But that was the genesis of my foray into epic fantasy. But the thing is, this was my first foray into epic fantasy and it turned out not epic fantasy at all.

But I was so struck by this song that I stopped writing the novel that I was working on, and I actually wound up writing this little two-thousand-word short scene that was just a fantasy setting set specifically to that song. Or what it was actually for. Boy, I was off! I was nowhere near what the movie Inception was like. Basically, it turned into the dinner-party scene, the dinner-party knife-fight scene. That was actually the genesis of Son of the Black Sword , I was just inspired to write this one scene to correspond with this song.


And then when I finished up this, I started brainstorming it out and really came up with a big plot. I thought it sounded fun. Plus, I watch a lot of Bollywood movies, and so I was just looking at this like, you know, that would actually be really kind of a cool setting.