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Hidden vengefulness, petty envy became master Why did Christianity trample down the culture of Islam? The decision is given in advance; no one is free to choose here. One either is Chandala or one is not. War to the knife with Rome! Peace and friendship with Islam! The European Renaissance of Greek and Roman values was "[t]he revaluation of Christian values , the attempt, undertaken with every means, with every instinct, with all genius, to bring about the victory of opposing values, of noble values.

Actually, the papacy was rid of corrupt Christianity. Christianity [julian] no longer sat on the Papal throne! Life sat there instead! The triumph of life! The great Yes to all lofty, beautiful, daring things! Christianity " In accordance with his revaluation of all values, Nietzsche suggested that time be calculated from the date of this book, instead of from the date of Christ's birth. Year One would begin, then, on September 30, Nietzsche did not demur of Jesus , saying he was the "only one true Christian". He presented a Christ whose own inner life consisted of "blessedness in peace, in gentleness, in the inability for enmity.

Christ's evangelism consisted of the good news that the kingdom of God is within you. True life, eternal life is found—it is not promised, it is here, it is within you : as life lived in love The reference to the Antichrist is not intended to refer to the biblical Antichrist but is rather an attack on the " slave morality " and apathy of Western Christianity. Nietzsche's basic claim is that Christianity as he saw it in the West is a poisoner of western culture and perversion of the words of and practice of Jesus.

In this light, the provocative title is mainly expressing Nietzsche's animus toward Christianity, as such. In this book, Nietzsche is very critical of institutionalized religion and its priest class, from which he himself was descended.


The Antichrist

The majority of the book is a systematic, logical and detailed attack upon the interpretations of Christ's words by St. Paul and those who followed him. It can therefore be argued that it does a disservice to the English-speaking reader to translate the title as The Antichrist at all. In fact, Nietzsche employs the word Antichrist at only one point, and there its sense is clearly 'Anti-Christian. After all, even to acknowledge the existence of an Antichrist, let alone to portray oneself as one, presupposes the existence of a Christ, of a Messiah.

Nietzsche recognized no such entity. His argument was entirely with those who would attempt to make a Christ, a Messiah, out of Jesus of Nazareth, which is to say, with "Christians. On the other hand, Walter Kaufmann considers The Antichrist the more appropriate way to render the German, in spite of its ambiguity: the "translation of the title as 'The Antichristian' Consider too that the title itself is part of the polemic Nietzsche makes here against Ernest Renan.

This book was written shortly before Nietzsche's nervous breakdown. However, as one scholar noted, "the Antichrist is unrelievedly vituperative, and would indeed sound insane were it not informed in its polemic by a structure of analysis and a theory of morality and religion worked out elsewhere The words are: "the word idiot das Wort Idiot. Mencken 's English translation does not contain these words. However, in , the words were reinstated by Josef Hofmiller. The English translations of Walter Kaufmann and R.

Hollingdale contain them. In these passages, Christ was called the Son of God by the soldier. The Nietzsche Archives' suppression was lifted in later editions and now appears exactly as Nietzsche wrote. Nietzsche's "Decree against Christianity" was also suppressed. This consists of seven propositions:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For Antichrist, see Antichrist disambiguation. Art and literature. Such men alone are my readers, my right readers, my predestined readers: what matter the rest? The rest—that is merely mankind. One must be above mankind in strength, in loftiness of soul—in contempt. Only insofar as an action springs therefrom, has it moral value; and all conduct that proceeds from any other motive whatever has none. With regard to original sin, Schopenhauer wrote: "The doctrine of original sin affirmation of the will and of salvation denial of the will is really the great truth which constitutes the kernel of Christianity, while the rest is in the main only clothing and covering, or something accessory.

Nietzsche: Philosopher, Psychologist, Antichrist. Fourth Edition. Princeton: Princeton University Press, Some previous drafts had called for the subtitle, "Attempt at a Revaluation of All Values"; and Nietzsche, who now proposed to write a different magnum opus , decided on the title Revaluation of All Values —and actually finished the first quarter: the Antichrist [ Nietzsche, The Antichrist. However, the words which Nietzsche puts into the mouth of the thief are those of the captain after Christ's death: compare Luke 47; Matthew.

II, The Antichrist.

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Friedrich Nietzsche. Categories : books Alfred A. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikiquote. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Paperback , hardcover , audiobook. The Twilight of the Idols History portal Culture portal Philosophy portal Politics portal. Christians have always believed that the Antichrist is a real historical figure who will present himself as a man of peace, but will lead the world into a diabolical deception that will immediately precede the Second Coming, and the End of History.

Because discourse about the Apocalypse is not frequent within the Roman Catholic Church today, it is extremely curious that not one but two Catholic cardinals have spoken about the Antichrist within the last year, both in reference to confusion within the Roman church — confusion coming from the Pope himself. He wrote:. The Holy Father should have given the delegation of the German episcopal conference clear directives, based on the clear doctrine and practice of the Church.

He should have also responded on this basis to the Lutheran woman who asked him on November 15, if she could receive Communion with her Catholic spouse, saying that this is not acceptable instead of suggesting she could receive Communion on the basis of her being baptized, and in accordance with her conscience. By failing to create clarity, great confusion is created among the faithful and the unity of the Church is endangered. This is also the case with cardinals who publicly propose to bless homosexual relationships, something which is diametrically opposed to the doctrine of the Church, founded on Sacred Scripture, that marriage, according to the order of creation, exists only between a man and a woman.

Observing that the bishops and, above all, the Successor of Peter fail to maintain and transmit faithfully and in unity the deposit of faith contained in Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture, I cannot help but think of Article of the Catechism of the Catholic Church:. Here is the key graf:. To keep silent about these and the other truths of the Faith and to teach people accordingly is the greatest deception against which the Catechism vigorously warns.

This is absolutely extraordinary. The cardinal who, until he was sent down by Francis, was the chief doctrinal watchdog for the Roman Catholic Church, is now warning that the confusing teaching coming from St. It is an analysis of the religious, philosophical, and cultural meaning of contemporary history, written in the aftermath of World War I and the Bolshevik revolution in his homeland.

He believes that the old middle age ended with the Renaissance, but now the Renaissance era — the modern era — ended with the war and the revolution.

Rod Dreher

We are in a new, transitional era, he says:. The approach to the new middle age, like the approach to the old one, is marked by a visible rotting of old societies and an invisible formation of new ones. The nineteenth century was very proud of its law, its constitutions, the unity of its method and its scientific paraphernalia. An ever growing anarchy may be justly pointed out in the spiritual and intellectual life of these societies, a radical lesion due to the loss of a true centre or of the vision of a one supreme end.

Primary Sources | Apocalypse! FRONTLINE | PBS

Such loss conditioned the autonomy of all intellectual and social spheres as well as the secularization of society at large. The modern spirit thought that freedom lay in individualism, in the right for each man and each cultural activity to decide for himself. In the second and third century, the Antichrist was identified in various ways by the Church Fathers.

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  • To Irenaeus, it was the spirit of heresy; to Polycarp, it was the the Roman empire; and to John Chrysostom it was the resurrected Nero. Arnulf of Rheims wrote in C. When you see him sitting on a lofty throne glittering in purple and gold, what do you estimate this to be, I say? Another idea that began appearing early in the history of the Christian church is that the Antichrist will be an apostate priest or Christian secular ruler, perhaps a Pope or other high leader of the Christian church, or a pretender to the Papacy. Various popes became candidates as movements criticizing the wealth and corruption of the Catholic Church in the early Middle Ages.

    Some Protestant churches have made it an issue of faith to identify the Bishop of Rome and the papal system as the Antichrist. Headed by Matthias Flacius, several Lutheran scholars in Magdeburg, known as the Centuriators of Magdeburg, wrote the volume Magdeburg Centuries to discredit the papacy, including identifying the pope as the Antichrist. Many popes have been called the Antichrist by their enemies, and many popes have applied this title of "Antichrist," "son of perdition," or "man of sin," to their enemies as well.

    Some Catholics expected a son of Martin Luther to be the Antichrist, as his scion would be the son of an ex-priest and ex-nun. In response to the identification of the papacy as Antichrist, a Catholic view was advanced beginning in the sixteenth century of a personal Antichrist to come just before the end of the world and to be accepted by the Jews and enthroned in the rebuilt Temple of Jerusalem. This interpretation, in modified form, is now accepted by most premillennial dispensationalists.

    In , a woman believing the faith healer Rasputin was the Antichrist, stabbed him, cutting a large wound in his chest. He fully recovered, which increased the number of people who believed he was the "man of sin," since the Antichrist is supposed to receive a mortal wound and yet live. The rose colored birthmark on Mikhail Gorbachev's on his forehead was seen by others that he, rather than Reagan, was truly the Beast or his agent.

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    LaHaye and Thomas Ice have also suggested that the rise of militant Islam in the twenty-first century is a possible sign of the End Times. Islam, in their view, is the false religion and of the Antichrist, otherwise known as the False Prophet. Jerry Falwell told a pastors' conference in January , in a sermon on the Second Coming, that the Antichrist was probably alive on earth, and certainly a Jewish male. He subsequently clarified that "this is simply historic and prophetic orthodox Christian doctrine" and had no anti-Semitic roots. Conspiracy theorists have claimed that the immortal Count of Saint Germain is the Antichrist or somehow analogous to Lucifer.

    The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche , called himself the Antichrist. Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, a minister with a large Latin American following, claims not only to be God, but at the same time, the Antichrist. He also has tattooed on multiple places on his body. In addition, certain occultists have proclaimed themselves to be the Antichrist, including John Whiteside Parsons.

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