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However, it may have the effect of reducing investment because the aftertax profit may not be worth the effort. See also: Windfall shares , Windfall tax. References in periodicals archive? Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda has in the past called advocates of the windfall tax as lunatics.

Windfall – Osisko

Zambia: Opposition urges govt. I cannot see how a windfall tax will help the average family over the coming winter. Major's wake-up call; Letters. The creditability of foreign taxes: supreme court decides on British windfall profits tax. Housing speculators to be subject to windfall tax.

Investment Insights

Shadow chancellor George Osborne, interviewed earlier, said he would not rule out a windfall tax on bankers' bonuses, which are expected to hit pounds 6bn this year. Better off to shoulder more of recovery cost. Cut taxes--demand Zambia's foreign miners. Ok, so you have the money, now you just need to figure out what to do with it. The idea is to start at the top and take a look at where you are in your money journey. Keep it in a checking or money market account and call it a day.

Windfall Profits Tax

Live with an emergency fund and a buffer between running out of cash and having to worry about overdrafting is well worth the peace of mind to just keep money there and enjoy a life upgrade in form of less stress. The same could be said for paying off an entire mortgage with your windfall. This is a complicated one. I decided not to pay it off, a decision I am extremely happy with in retrospect. Instead, think about what amount you can pay on top of the current balance each month to pay it off waaay sooner than you would.

Instead of aiming to pay off your house in 30 years, maybe think about paying it off in 15 years, or 10 years. There are a few reasons for this. For one, stock markets generally return higher returns than a mortgage or student loan. Paying off a mortgage or student loan may be in that area. If you want to pay it off early, try putting more towards the principal each month and paying it off in half the time.

Having your money make more money for you has a lot of different flavors. If you want to go that route, there are smarter people than me. I started with a financial advisor when I came into my first windfall. I assumed that there was so much to learn that it would be impossible for me to do it.

It also takes time to learn the ropes.

6 ways to cut your income taxes after a windfall

Instead, what you could do is go to a fee-only advisor instead. Rather than managing your funds and taking a cut each year, a fee-only advisor is exactly that — you meet with them and pay them a fee.

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Think about it as an account audit with next steps for you to complete. Make sure their duty and interest is with you, and not with someone else. For my first windfall, I invested with a financial advisor. They selected a number of funds that were load funds. Load funds are investments that cost you money for the privilege of investing in them, either up front, or when you sell the funds. This is a massive red flag.

If you want a shortcut, Robo-advisors like Wealthfront and Betterment are both solid choices. The 0. Starting with a robo-advisor can be a good way to get an understanding of how investing works. I used to be against the idea of using robo-advisors in the idea of doing it yourself but recently decided there is a spot for these when getting started. I do think that initial experience working with someone else can be hugely beneficial.

You could start with a robo-advisor with a goal of eventually understanding enough to do it yourself down the line. These steps are covered in the first 5 weeks of my Minimal Investor Course. Specifically these weeks:. By week 5 in this free course, you should know everything needed to make your first trade. Some of the core concepts in this course can also be learned through some articles here on Minafi:.

Invest what you can in diversified, low-fee index funds in the most tax advantaged account type for your situation. People go to school just to become financial advisors after all, right? This system for investing is way simpler than that. Understand your tax situation. Transfer funds to somewhere you can control. Create an emergency fund and pay off high-interest debt. In my opinion, this is the absolute best use for your money if you need to. Start investing your money. You have a lot of options here. The absolutely easiest one is investing. I recommend eventually learning how to do this on your own, but robo-advisors are a great stepping stone to get there.

Have ever received a windfall? What did you do with it? What advice would you have for others who have received a windfall? Hi, I'm Adam! I help millennials invest to reach financial independenc e sooner than they ever thought possible. Want to see what you could do to reach FI sooner? You're in the right place! June 4, at AM Reply. But I was already a multi-millionaire with a paid off house and zero debt so it was in no way a life changing amount of money.

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I still buy used cars and live frugally but I did retire slightly early which was an easier decision after I received the inheritance. June 5, at AM Reply. Ohh, shedding more light on the mystery of Steveark. With that of windfall, giving that additional cushion and relief before retiring early is a nice to have. June 4, at PM Reply. Accidental FIRE.

June 6, at AM Reply. Time is money. June 8, at AM Reply. Putting it all in that one would be good advice. If two, add a total bond fund. June 8, at PM Reply. June 9, at PM Reply. Sounds like a great use of those funds! Paying it off faster makes sense. June 12, at AM Reply. Hi Adam. Thank you for this article.

Your article is clear and easy to understand. I wonder if you also mentor, even for a fee. June 21, at PM Reply. May 24, at AM Reply. This is to eradicate the growing history of bad credit and also bring stable profit to both our company and clients.