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Gosnell recorded in England.


Elsa Peretti® Eternal Circle pendant in sterling silver, small. | Tiffany & Co.

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Intro The Forest. Dying Nature Requiem. The Royal Hunting.


Above The Clouds. Nuclear Tears Of Hiroshima. The Moonlight Lake. The Spectrum Of Darkness. When the system is invoked, every consciousness forgets its past life. Thus humanity and all life lives in an eternal cycle - the Lower Domain is reset through the big bang and life is trapped in an endless cycle, repeating itself from the big bang and to the future onwards until the next inevitable Eternal Recurrence.

Wilhelm , the Guardian of the Lower Domain, has succeeded many times in activating the recurrence in previous universes, but each recurrence differs because U-DO is unaffected by the recurrence and its consciousness continues to evolve. Wilhelm, too, at the same time that Eternal Recurrence is achieved, forgets everything, and he intends to plan Eternal Recurrence to save the universe.

Many people's quiet everyday lives had to change into blood-smeared nightmares.

Wilhelm realizes this is the human condition: death, warfare, pain, suffering and bloodshed. It is unknown how many and how much wars, death, suffering and violence Wilhelm has seen, but eventually, he would realize that the human condition is chaos, pain, suffering, death, slavery, etc. Read more.

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